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Great F-150 FX4, Thanks guys.

Bought a 2005 Ford F150. Amin & Vito were very customer focused. They serviced my car for free and were diligent through out the whole process. I would highly recommend them, without any questions and/or hesitations.

Will Gamarrra, CPA

Second time at CCC Of Arlington, Thanks Guys.

Just bought my second beautiful low mileage car--a BMW 325i sedan-- from Certified Car Center via the Internet. As before, Amin, Fernando, and Danny were incredibly courteous and helpful with the sale and logistics involved in my traveling from SC to Arlington to pick it up. If you're looking for a great deal on a fine car and a wonderful car buying experience, Certified Car Center is the place to go. Once again, thanks guys!

Honda Odyssey

I purchased my vehicle, a 2005 Honda Odyssey, in April of 2010. The first person I spoke to was Dwight Langley. He is absolutely wonderful! Dwight handles the financing, so he was just the person I needed to speak to. I was candid with him from the start and he in return was candid with me. No games, no run around, no outlandish promises in reference to my financing. We did everything over that phone, so that I didn't need to make unnecessary trips to and from the dealer, since I live in Maryland. Everything was complete w/in a matter of a week give or take. I never in million years expected it to be soooo easy.
For the most part, the entire team is great.I did have to return to have a few items fixed, every time I did, Dwight, Amin and Fernando all greeted me by name, which I felt, was impressive.
My van needed a new mirror, though it took longer than expected Fernando ordered and had their mechanics put it on.
My only complaint/issue is my van had this horrible shaking when driven over 50 mph. I was told it probably needed and alignment and to bring it back and their mechanics would fix it free of charge. I did. I returned to pick it up and was told by Amin that he himself drove it up to 70 mph and the shaking stopped. I went on my way. However when I drove on the highway, the shaking started just like it had before. After a week of having my van back, I ended up taking it to Good Year for an alignment. BINGO...the shaking was gone! I don't think their mechanics ever did the alignment.
If it weren't for that and me having to pay for something that should have been fixed, I would have rated my dealings with CCC with 5 stars

Hard to Beat

We live 8 hours away from Arlington, found a Civic for my son via a website, and were extremely reluctant to purchase a car long distance, essentially by phone. Our salesperson, Fernando, was honest, forthright and extremely helpful in securing an agreement and was very flexible in arranging the details of picking up the car. Upon test driving the car, my daughter found a rear window that did not work which Fernando promptly had fixed. The car was as described, and we found dealing with Certified a pleasure and would do so again. Many thanks to Fernando for his going the extra mile for us.

Great Deals!

I started looking back online for a certified used vehicle after having two bad go rounds. The first was at Manasas Public Auto. They had false advertising to start off then they didnt want to honor a cheaper price that i found online on their website. The next day I found a Montana online from a private owner and they stood me up when i was going to look at it. Not only were the guys at Certified Auto Center great i got the van I was looking for for $1,000.00 cheaper than i had originally thought. Pac and Vito were absolutely wonderful and I would send as many people as I could to them to buy a vehicle.

Hard to Find.

I went to Certified car center 2 weeks ago and meet with Amin He was accommodating of my busy schedule, answered all of my questions, and was not pushy I the least. He found the vehicle I was looking for, and the purchase process was smooth and easy. I will go to them if I need any more cars down the road.


I have been looking for car like that for a while. The guys at the dealership were friendly, helpful and were trying to make an honest buck. We agreed on the price pretty quickly and their negotiating tactics unlike most dealers were not insulting to human inteligence. The selection was not very large but good quality. Most cars were high end relatively new with low mileage and reasonably priced. Didn't see any clunkers. If you are on the market for a good bargin you may want to check them out.


My HUsband & I came across Certified Car Center and we pretty wary about using another small dealership. (Having a bad experience with another small dealership in CA.) After looking at the reviews we felt better about going down there to look. Everyone there was super professional & friendly. They answered all of our questions & took care of any issues we had with the car. They were very straight forward and did not pressure us at all to buy the car. I really felt like it wasn't a dealership. Or your typical dealership anyway. I can't imagine going to another dealership after going to CCCI. It was such a pleasant non-stressful experience. Not too mention the awesome prices! The car is well maintained & clean. They REALLY take care of the cars they sell there and their customers! I can not say enough good things about this place. Seriously, buy here!



I was extremely skeptical about buying a car from a used car dealer. I ultimately bought a Nissan Altima from Certified Car Center-- after coming back a couple times I trusted that these were pretty legit people. The car was in great condition (I had it checked out at a Nissan dealership and paid to have the pre-sale check) and on top of that, the price was very fair. The people working there are respectful and professional (unlike some other used car dealerships) and didn't call me a million times and bother me like some others. I would definitely recommend this to someone who is looking for a decent used car for a fair price!

Thanks guys!

SL 320

I bought a beautiful low mileage Mercedes SL320 from Certified Car Center via the Internet. Fernando, Danny, and Amin were incredibly helpful with the sale and logistics involved in my traveling from SC to Arlington to pick it up as well as sightseeing while in DC. What a wonderful car buying experience! If you're looking for a great deal on a fine car, Certified Car Center is the place to go. Thanks guys!!



Wow, I was totally blown with the way these young men took care of us. My wife and I were acutely on a test drive with another dealer's car, when we saw something on their lot that we liked. We went in, the fact that they were very nice and knowledgeable of their product and very laid back enticed us to ask about their prices. Their prices were unbeatable, we ended up purchasing that day from them and I would do business with them again and would highly recommend them to others. What a great place to purchase a pre-own vehicle for best prices in town and receive the best and honest customer service. Thank you guys, keep up the good work.

John Smith

2 Cars

I have bought a couple of cars from Certified Car Center. Their prices are the best and the young dealers are very honest and halpful. I actually felt great about buying both cars from them and knew that even if I needed help down the line they would definitely assist me because they care about their customers. If you are in the market for a car you have to consider them.

Chris Moore

Audi A4 Avant

I spoke with a salesman at this dealership for a little over a week. Since I would be traveling down from New hampshire to pick up the car, I wanted to be careful. The price was fantastic for what I was getting.

I took a quick flight down and couldn't be happier, what was said on the phone was absolutely correct. The one thing I found was immediately remmedied within minutes and absolutely no hassles about it.

In fact, I paid cash, and the owner found and extra $20 from what I had counted and handed it back to me. I would never have known.

Honest guys, would be back there in a minute for another car. The car drove fantastic all 400 miles back home... very satisfied.

Mini Cooper S

I've been looking for a Mini Cooper S for several months. Found the right Mini at the best price. Guys there were fair and honest. If they have what your looking for, buy it quick, it won't be there long. Great ride home to NH. Thanks Certified Car Inc...

Richard P. Bress

Acura TSX

The guys at Certified really took care of me. I was fortunate to find this dealer while looking for Acura's online. Out of all the places I spoke with, these guys were the friendliest, and the most honest and professional. They also had one of the absolute best prices on the vehicle that I could find anywhere in the US, which was a bonus because it was local to me.

Amin was a pleasure to deal with, and I left feeling good about the negotiation and transaction. I never felt hassled or pressured at all, and he was willing to accommodate me however he could. In fact, I noticed the vehicle I was looking at had a cracked fog light after my first walk around of the vehicle, and before we had even started negotiating, or even before I test drove it, he said he would purchase a replacement for it. Sure enough, he followed up on his word without any further haggling. He also gave me a few extra months on the warranty he includes with all the cars they sell.

I will definitely be checking Certified's inventory the next time I'm car shopping. These guys have a small lot, but they have unbeatable prices and their professionalism is absolutely top-notch, especially relative to the private used car business around Northern VA. It was a breath of fresh air dealing with Certified, and I feel like I got a lot of vehicle for the price. Thanks!

Kevan Chapman

9660 Fairfax Blvd
Fairfax, VA 22031